Invoke Hermes for Travel

Beloved Hermes will help all those who come to him humbly, who come to him joyfully, who come to him with wit and cunning. This spell is dedicated to and inspired by my friend Luke CloudDancer.

If you are traveling a fair distance, call upon Hermes to ensure that your travel is safe, secure, swift and successful.

Sing to Hermes, and arrange what offering you will give him once all your travels for now are complete and you return home safely.

You might use the following charm:

Wings upon your gorgeous feet,
O Hermes and your sacred fleet,
The clouds who dance across the skies,
In your wisdom I abide.

Aid me, Hermes, be my guide,
As I travel far and wide,
Be to me your lover kind,
Faithful by my loving side.

Be aware that Hermes loves to take human lovers.

—-Gede Parma

Color: Gray
Incense: Sage

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