Full Moon Empowerment Rite

This rite will enhance spellwork. You will need an athame and a chalice of water. Go outside when you see the moon, holding the athame in your dominant hand and the cup in your other hand; catch the moon’s reflection in the cup. Ask the Goddess to charge the water with power. Stir the water with the athame and sprinkle some of the water, then hold the athame and cup up high in salute. Closing your eyes, visualize three beams of moonlight shining down to fill your third eye, heart and groin area with power. Say:

Gracious Goddess of the night,
I call to you, my spirit takes flight,
I ask for power to achieve my aim,
And this I shall do in your name.
(Repeat the chosen goddess name three times.)
Blessed be.

You may now proceed with your spell.

—-Michael Furie

Color: Silver
Incense: Narcissus

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