Spell for Sacred Dreaming

Set up and altar to your most cherished deity on a small table at your bedside. Make a dream pillow by sprinkling a small piece of cotton batting with herbs like mugwort, rose, lavender and others that help guide and relax a dreamer’s mind. Cover with another piece of batting, and stitch the pieces together with a basting stitch. Slide this flat pillow into a dreamy looking cotton casing, and slip it inside your pillowcase.

Say words of praise and gratitude to your chosen deity as you get ready for bed, and then, finally, ask for a sacred dream — a dream of guidance and deep instruction on what’s currently happening in your life. In the morning, take some time to decide what the dream means to you, as well as how best to follow the advice of your deity. Be sure to leave the deity a love offering.

—-Thuri Calafia

Color: Yellow
Incense: Marjoram

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