Venus Opposite Neptune

Venus opposes Neptune on the 10th, and this aspect is also a part of the Full Moon energies.  Venus and Neptune are somewhat related – I consider Neptune to be the “higher octave” expression of Venus.  Venus represents individual love and affection, where Neptune represents divine love and connection to our higher selves.  When Venus opposes Neptune our creative centers open and expand, and love flows freely.  However, because this is a more challenging aspect, we may lack discrimination and become lost in the flow.  Because this is a Pisces Full Moon, and Neptune is the modern ruler of Pisces, that Neptunian flow and creativity and divine inspiration is available in abundance right now.  This is wonderful for artists, writers and lovers, but during this time just know that it may be somewhat difficult to keep your feet planted on the ground and try not to make any permanent decisions until the 11th when the Sun moves into a harmonious sextile to Saturn (structure and grounding).

—-Lynne Hayes

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