Autumn Rains

In summer, the water table tends to drop as the rain comes less frequently. Long, hot, sunny days pull the water out of the air and earth. Autumn brings back the rain to replenish what was lost. What flows out, flows in again. The late flowers bloom, the final fruits come ripe, and the world prepares for its final winter rest.

Here is a way to give thanks for the rain in the autumn, whether present or forthcoming. Decorate your altar with images of fall and storms: red leaves in a river, bare trees against a gray sky, raindrops making circles in a puddle, and so forth. Welcome the rain with these words:

Coming back, coming home,
Autumn rains are calling.
Rushing down, rushing in,
Autumn rains are falling.
Fluting winds, drumming clouds,
Autumn rains are calling.
We bow down, we give thanks,
Autumn rains are falling.

—-Elizabeth Barrette

Color: Turquoise
Incense: Carnation

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