Achieving Your Goals

Did you set some goals that you wanted to achieve this year and haven’t completed?

First, write down what you wanted to achieve, what you did achieve, and what has yet to be complete. Take your time; there may be other foals you set since the beginning of the year. You want to work on earlier goals.

Assess if the goal is worth completing. Situations change. Opportunities sometimes are not what they seem, and we can find we bit off more than we can chew.

List the three most important foals to finish. Write them down. Place upon your altar, and also on  your bathroom mirror, your refrigerator, and your work desk.

Every day do one thing to complete your goal. Ask your gods for guidance to complete your paths. You will be surprised what you can finish when you set your mind to the tasks.


Color: Orange
Incense: Frankincense

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