Venus Transits Highlight Relationships and Money

Venus is very active over the next week.  Venus aspects tend to be subtle and fleeting, but with so many in a row our attention will turn to our relationships, the way we express affection to each other, our finances and money, and our aesthetics.  You may suddenly desire new clothes or furnishings for the home, or rearrange your world to allow more beauty to enter.  Venus trines Pluto on the 14th, intensifying our interactions.  A sextile from Venus to Ceres on the 16th brings a desire to nourish and nurture, perhaps through food or some other kind of body care like massage.  An opposition from Venus to Chiron on the 17th facilitates resolution of something that needs to be healed, and a sextile from Venus to Saturn on the 21st helps us to enjoy and value the commitments that we have to the people in our lives.

—-Lynne Hayes

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