Honor Aging

In Japan, Keiro no Hi is the national holiday to honor the longest-living people in society. Today, honor your own agin process. Stand in front of the mirror, fully naked. Look at your body from head to toe, smiling. Don’t let any critical thoughts creep in. Keep your mindset positive and affirmative. Know that every change in your body is a page in the story of your life. You have earned those wrinkles and gray hairs. You have earned the scars and lumps. Run your hands lovingly over your face and body, saying:

Like the seasons, ever changing,
my body is rearranging,
I love this life and welcome aging,
My spirit is rearranging,
I bless the changes and don’t fight time,
I love this temple, this body of mine.

—-Dallas Jennifer Cobb

Color: Ivory
Incense: Lily

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