Let the Outside In

As long as the day is beautiful, open up every window in your home for at least a few hours, and work this magical spell to get the energy moving and blow out the spiritual cobwebs. Using lavender oil or a lavender infusion, start with the window closest to your front door and work your way around the house clockwise. Open each window and trance a pentagram on the window frame with your lavender, stating:

Open, open, blow in the breeze,
Blow out the cobwebs, I ask you please.
Let in the clean air and let out the stale,
Fresh air and fresh thoughts to my mind avail.

If you have flowers blooming in your garden, cut some and bring them in. Allow Mother Nature to become part of your home today and the fall air to cleanse away stagnant energy before you have to close things up for the winter.

—-Mickie Mueller

Color: Maroon
Incense: Geranium

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