Hail, Hail, the Gang’s All Here

Thursday is a day good for group pursuits. With Mabon just a couple days away, this is a great time to plan some type of group project. In many parts of the United States, homeless shelters are getting ready to open. Food banks start major drives for blankets, coats, and scarves to prepare for the coming cold months. Some charities look for people to go to the homes of elderly people to cover their windows in plastic to help prevent cold drafts from coming through.

Get your group together and decide what to do. Then gather in a circle, hold hands, and recite the following:

We come together, hand in hand,
And vow to help our fellow man.
Work together in trust and love,
And praise our deities up above.

—-Kerri Connor

Color: Green
Incense: Nutmeg

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