Gathering in the Harvest

As the magical world gears up for Mabon, the main harvest, it is time to look to what we’re harvesting on the inner planes. Have we achieved all we had hoped to achieve when we planted this year’s “seeds” either at Imbolc or Ostara? If not, why not? As we harvest our gardens in preparation for the great feast, we can contemplate all of those things, and decide, without judgement, what we can do better in the future.

Gater some colorful leaves to decorate the harvest table with, and in doing so, allow yourself to go trancy. If a leaf you’ve gathered is too dry, send energy toward letting go of one unachieved goal, with love and respect toward yourself. Then crumble the leaf and watch the breeze take it. With the more supple leaves, think about the goals you’ve accomplished and say to yourself:

I am filling my life with color and abundance.

Keep these leaves for your altar and be at peace.

—-Thuri Calafia

Color: Brown
Incense: Rue

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