Peace Spell

UN International Day of Peace

Today is Peace Day, the International Day of Peace established by the United Nations in 1981. It is a day for meaningful activities for peace, and a perfect day for a peace spell.

Purchase blue helium balloons.

Take a bowl of fresh spring water, and add lavender oil or fresh lavender buds. Insert your athame or hand into it, saying:

I consecrate this water to peace.
May peace flow from it.

Using the consecrated water and a brush, paint the peace sign on each balloon while chanting the Great Invocation of Peace Day:

May Peace Prevail on Earth.

Give each balloon to a friend or stranger, so that they may bring peace into their homes. Or take the balloons to an outdoor space, and release them to spread peace far and wide.

Other Peace Day activities can include a minute of silence at noon or making origami peace doves.

—-Deborah Lipp

Color: Gold
Incense: Eucalyptus

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