A Mabon Ritual

Mabon honors the dual nature of life and death — darkness and light. It is a sabbat that combines sadness and celebration. We mourn the passing of the Great Son (Mabon), but also celebrate the bounty of the harvest. Just as nature enters the season of rest, Mabon returns to Mother Earth for regeneration and eventual rebirth.

To honor this sabbat, place one white and one black candle on your altar. In the center, place one red apple to represent Avalon, the Land of Apples where some traditions believe Mabon was held captive. As a symbol of rebirth, also have on hand a small bowl of spring-flowering bulbs, which are available now. Light the candles and say:

You walk the paths of darkness and light,
You do not fear the coming of the night.
Again you’ll rise from the mists of Avalon,
For you are Mabon, the Great Son.

As a lasting tribute to this holiday, plant the bulbs. When they bloom in the spring, you’ll remember Mabon and the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth.

—-James Kambos

Color: Lavender
Incense: Rosemary

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