Autumnal Equinox

The Wheel of the Year turns, waning in light, to the closing of the year before further turning into the dark half of the year when the dominant power of darkness takes over the period when there is no time, when one year or season has finished and the next has not started, at the time of the great festival of Samhain. But first, the season of the harvest comes to an end and with it the great celebration of Thanks-giving, marked  by the autumnal equinox.

When we remember the regulation of the world, we are brought back into the spiraling center of the Circles of Existence.* As we touch Annwyn, we spiral downward through Abred (Rebirth), into Gwynvyd (White-life), and keep deepening into the most potent energy vortex, that of the Ceugant (Infinity):  the center of the Divine. We enact this by allowing the Time of Decline to be a time of intense journey work into the UnderWorld.

As this is the season of west, when the doorway to the city Murias is naturally opened, beginning the journey into the four Sacred Cities, starting with Murias, is wisely advised. . . . [M]aking a journey into each city could take one full year, as each city would be worked with only in its appropriate season. Thys, that year-long journey could begin now by making contact with Murias.

Water is known as the entranceway to the Land of Faery and therefore the entranceway into the OtherWorld. Since the four Sacred Cities are not contained within the Land of Faery, and therefore are located somewhere in the OtherWorld, the Time of Decline marks easy entrance into the OtherWorld because it naturally deals with the concept of space and time as directly related to the regulation of the world teachings.

—-Kisma K. Stepanich, Faery Wicca, Book Two

See Faery Wicca Book One for a study of the Celtic Circles of Existence.
† In my personal work, when I first attempted to make contact with the four Sacred Cities, I began with “The Journey to Murias” at the autumnal equinox, moving to “The journey to Falias” at the winter solstice, continuing with “The Journey to Gorias” at the vernal equinox, followed by “The Journey to Finias” at the summer solstice. When the Wheel of the Year turned to the Time of Decline the following year, I then finished my year-long journey with “The Journey into the Land of Faery” at the next autumnal equinox.
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