New Moon in Libra: Love or War, Autumnal Equinox Extraordinaire


Scrawl this date — September 22 — on the cosmic wall. And then hop onto your yoga mat to celebrate the Autumnal Equinox (autumn for us northern hemispherians; it’s spring down under).

Hail the new season.

No matter which hemisphere you call home, it’s the month of Libra for everyone everywhere. And this year, the bright new season arrives with an double dip of newness because it arrives so close to the New Moon in Libra (September 23).

Libran Lovers.

Libra’s traditional body correlation = Lower Back (yes this is Yogastrology® Yoga Meets Astrology — and I DO have an astrological asana for you) but first consider the fact that the Libran slice of zodiacal pie rules partnerships, and the presiding deity is the Priestess of Love, Venus.

All Matters Relational will get a boost soon. For this, we can thank the once-a-year Libra New Moon and what’s more, this New Moon kicks off a traditional celebration that’s the best love-fest of the year: Navratri, Nine Nights of the Goddess, in other words nine whole nights of powerful love rituals. Okay everybody, get on your marks, get set… Go!

Whatever you do to acknowledge the equinox – come – Libran Love Vibe is totally up to you, just make sure your relationships are vibing with some kind of love potion now because you’re going to need it. What I need to talk to you about next is a bit more serious.

Plutonic Potency.

The Big Deal is Pluto. It goes direct (emerges from retrograde) on the very same day as the equinox. Which is the first day of the new season + the eve of the Libra New Moon. Got all that?

This is big.

Libra (where the New Moon rises) likes things soft and pretty. But Pluto is THE heavy hitter of the cosmos. This makes things messy or uncomfortable because Pluto, Lord of the Underworld, presides over Life and Death… that’s what I’m talking about. This creeps people out. And because Pluto has been retrograde since April 14, its superpowers have been mucking around beneath the surface of our lives like a stinky roto-rooter …Pluto rules sewers, for god’s sake!… Yuck.

Until now.

And now, it all becomes apparent. Whatever has been dying on the vine (or trying to die)…well, chin up. This is the turning point.

Phoenix Flutters.

Three magic bullets attributed to Pluto:

(1) Obsession.

(2) Destruction.

(3) Rebirth; therefore, have no real fear. The symbolism for Pluto also contains the mythological bird — the phoenix, which represents our inevitable rise from the dirty ashes of destruction to take flight in A Whole New Chapter of Life.

Put another way: things get mowed down by Pluto for a reason. Because things do need to begin anew. Count on it. So down we went, like golden leaves drifting down from autumnal trees. And now something is trying to be reborn for you — in sync with the new season. New Moon too.

Magic Carpet.

The astonishing part is an astrological aspect known as the Magic Carpet which arrives on the scene (September 25). Life is about to get very interesting. What I am referring to is lucky Jupiter + genius Uranus and we yogis know — the universe is a benevolent place. Not always gentle, but forever loving…

This is good juju.

When Jupiter draws near, a silver lining appears. This means your path could be strewn with red rose petals plus pink pixie dust and wouldn’t that be a nice change? From this comes some of 2014′s most powerful astrology. So, as far as Libra’s body correlation goes (= Lower Back), how about we do some lower-back loving asanas to kick off the Magic Carpet ride.

Let’s do Locust Pose. And then, do it as a Partner Pose too, for the New Moon in Libra = Partnership.

Freedom Fighters.

One final fling: warrior Mars rules sex and passion, anger and war — and whilst Mars blazes a trail through freedom-loving Sagittarius over the next few weeks, we feel freer than we have for a while — but someone will pick a fight with you too, somewhere along the line. The heat gets turned up around September 30 (in an über-transformative Grand Trine in Fire Signs) but what it boils down to is it’s high time to ask yourself The Big Question.

What am I fighting for?


Once you figure that out, pick which new structures you want to build for yourself (based on what has “died”) and what kinds of new relationships you want to attract (because the Priestess of Love is standing by to grant your every wish). And then move with the energy — at the right time, in the right away. Namasté.

—-Diane Booth Gilliam

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