Celebrate Bisexuality Day

Those who number themselves among the bisexual population of the world still often feel marginalized and misunderstood, not only by many in the straight community, but also in some ways by the LGBT community.

That’s why Celebrate Bisexuality Day (today!) is a great opportunity to magically lend your support to the beautifully inclusive bisexual community. Light one pink and one purple candle. Place your right hand over your heart, and direct your left palm out as if taking an oath. Say:

Just as I lovingly celebrate bisexuality, may all beings on earth lovingly celebrate bisexuality. May all feel free to love whom they wish. May every being treasure, and revel in, their own sexuality. May everyone love and respect one another completely, now and always.

In your mind’s eye, see the candlelight as the light of love and acceptance, and envision it spreading to the hears of all beings on earth.

—-Tess Whitehurst

Color: Gray
Incense: Ginger
Fourth Quarter Moon in Virgo

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