Autumn Fairy Spell

The new moon is a great time for looking inward. This quiet spell welcomes in the nature spirits of autumn as you ponder the mysteries of the changing seasons.

Fill your tub with warm water and epsom salt and light some fall-colored candles. Float several chrysanthemum blossoms into the tub; use different shades of green, purple, orange, yellow and brown. As you soak in the tub, call upon the fairies of the changing trees and the autumn blossoms:

Sprites of the changing seasons, teach me
To face life’s changes gracefully.
Beauty that comes in many forms
Remains as lovely as it transforms.
Dear fairy folk, I embrace your wisdom
As I watch the changing seasons.

Feel the beauty of the earth around you. As you’ve invited in the fairies of the autumn, listen to their messages of the power of life and the deep lessons of what real beauty is — not the magazine pictures, but the true inner beauty of strength, wisdom, and the grace of yourself as a siritual being.

Once you have truly heard the messages of the autumn Fae, and you’re ready, say:

Thank you, spirits of the Fae,
as you return to your realms,
harming none along the way.

Be sure to leave a bit of bread and honey as an offering later on.

—-Mickie Mueller

New Moon in Libra
Color: Yellow
Incense: Honeysuckle

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