New Moon in Libra

Invest in Beauty
In 2014, the Libra New Moon is on September 24th, in the wee hours exact at 2:14 am EDT.  Pacific Coast (US) Moon followers will come to exactness at 11:14 pm PDT on the 23rd.  Greenwich Mean Time exact alignment is at 6:14 am, Sept 24th.

It’s a time to reflect on balance, and giving over to the organic inner harmonizing gifts of the air sign Libra.

I recently heard the Greek musician Vangelis talking about the state of things, and how it’s critical to invest in beauty.  Because he says, “Beauty is harmony which comes from chaos.  But we invest in chaos.  And why do we invest in chaos, because chaos is more profitable than peace.  That’s why.”

Vangelis goes on to say that “Beauty is a kind of safety valve for people.”  This lunation then lures us to Libra’s Venus-inspired aesthetic, flavored by your own unique expression of beauty.

A New Moon Musing:  ponder how to turn the chaos in your own life, into something artful or beautiful.  Listen to music that elevates your spirit.  What chaos do you invest in (financially, emotinally or psychically), that you’re ready to surrender?  Make a collage of Beauty — through your lens.  What are ways to invite beauty and harmony into your life?

On the Bright Side
The lunar refresh is at 1 degree Libra for aerating, inviting a clearing wind to come in, and with it, some peace.  Look for clues for what’s up for you in the venue (House) of this ventilating current.  See the Libra New Moon Forecast for the Houses. 

Libra’s natural buoyancy is spiked with Jupiterian optimism this time around.  Yay!

And Jupiter (in Leo) is moving toward a rousing rendezvous with waker-upper Uranus (in Aries).  This is exact on Sept 25th at 15 degrees Aries-Leo for some momentum that’s fueled by inner fires — passions, inspirations, driving ambitions.

So the timing is auspicious, for clear-sight and considering all options, in the rich in-between of the Libra Dark of the Moon.  And then there’s a surge of natural enthusiasm that’s so high-spirited, it’s potentially a launch into what feels like a new life.

Free associating on what Jupiter, its golden touch in Leo, when you express yourself and entertain big dreams.  And the spark of Uranus for surprise genius, in Aries, the sign that begins a new cycle.  This aspect is one of the most vibrant of the year.

Instinctual Weighing
When the Moon is new in Libra the Sun is also in Libra. It’s a time of greater clarity, since Libra is both the balancing Scales and the sword of Illumination.

What’s tipping your scale out of balance? What do you want to draw in? Now is a time for big picture thinking. Keep a journal close, or your art, music or performance tools handy. Libra is ruled by the love and beauty planet Venus, and while it’s a sign known for eloquence, your expression may not be in words.

Thank goodness for the renewing New Moon! Make space to go within, retreat, deeply listen. Out of the New Moon, comes new growth. What you set in motion psychically and with actions finds natural momentum as the Moon waxes to Full.

New Moon in Libra themes:

  • gracious/graceful living
  • playing host or hostess
  • instinct for give and take in relationships
  • intense focus on how others see you vs. how you see yourself
  • tranquility, harmony, peace
  • compromising
  • working with a partner
  • tactful and eloquent language
  • righting a wrong
  • being a voice for justice
  • initiating from grand ideas
  • high-minded culture
  • being and creating beauty.

It’s a Good Time to: stretch your body, mind and spirit; purify your living space; listen to someone; consider all sides of an issue; stay light on your feet; glam up your wardrobe; re-balance a relationship; allow time for relaxation; take courageous action; champion a cause; reflect someone’s beauty back to them; be a peacemaker; mediate a dispute; let your voice be heard on issues that matter to you; work for justice.

—-Molly Hall

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