September’s Dark Moon: The Great Dragon-Mother

The goddess Timat of the Middle East was the goddess of the primal abyss. Her worshippers called her a She-Dragon, who was sometimes evil, sometimes good. Shw was portrayed as part animal, part bird, and part serpent. Marduk took her sacred Tablets of Destiny for himself. She ruled over destruction, revenge, karmic discipline, salt water, war, evil, despair, dark magick, death, regeneration, and rituals.

Knowledge of the Dark Mother is a necessity is we are to grow spiritually. We must lost the programmed fear we have been taught and realize that she is more than the death of the body. The Dark Mother helps with karma, self-discipline, and despair. Tiamat helps with despair in that she can show us what caused the problems troubling us (oftentimes from past lives) and what the future may hold if we change our paths even slightly.

To contact Tiamat, the Dark Mother, burn three black candles that have been anointed from the wick to the end with wisteria oil. Set the candles in a triangular pattern, with one at the top and two at the bottom. Burn sandalwood incense. If you have a dragon statue, particularly if it is black, place that beside the candles. Dress in black or very dark robes. Hold a piece of crystal in your hands as you sit before the burning candles. Say:

She-dragon of the dark abyss,
Mother of dark magick, regeneration,
Help me to learn discipline,
That my karmic path may be smooth.
Life your hand against harmful enemies.
Lead me in the knowledge of true rituals.

Bring the crystal to your third eye in the center of your forehead. Close you eyes and watch the swift flow of pictures. You may well find yourself seeing scenes from past lives that influence your present one. Don’t strain to see anything, just let it flow. When you are finished, stand before the candles and raise your arms, the crystal visible in one hand. Say:

The Sun is Black within your realms,
Yet shine it does, a mirrored light,
To give me insight, strengthen faith,
To comfort me in blackest night.
There is no end to life or growth
Unless the soul and mind be dead
To trurh and knowledge,openness.
Before me gentle hands are spread.
In compassion, tenderness.
O Great Dark Lady, my soul do bless.

Extinguish the candles. Sleep with the crystal under your pillow for seven nights. Pay close attention to your dreams and to what is said to you in ordinary life during this time.

D. J. Conway, Moon Magick (1998)

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