Jupiter Trine Uranus

A harmonious trine from Jupiter to Uranus is building that will culminate on September 25th.  For a week or two we will be inspired by Jupiter’s confidence and expansion to take a risk in bringing something new (Uranus) into our life in some way.  Freedom and independence take primary importance, and surprising (Uranus) opportunities (Jupiter) may make themselves known.  Decisions made under Jupiter/Uranus transits may seem sudden but can also be inspired and take us into a whole new and exciting direction.

This Jupiter/Uranus trine is embedded in the Libra New Moon chart on September 24th.  At the New Moon the Solar and Lunar principle are fused, linking the conscious  mind (Sun) with the emotional interior (Moon) and offering a new start of a new lunar cycle with all its creative potential.  In Libra the New Moon is focused on relationships, balance, harmony and equality.  Venus is the ruler of Libra, and in the New Moon chart Venus is unaspected – it is not connected to any other planet at that time.  This suggests that the focus now is on aligning in partnership while retaining that freedom and autonomy inspired by both Jupiter and Uranus.

—-Lynne Hayes

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