Mother Earth’s Healing Charm

Since autumn is when many of the energies of the plants withdraw back into the earth, as She prepares for the rest that winter brings, I like to concentrate more on using stones and roots in magic than leaves and flowers.

This charm is a very simple healing charm designed to lend healing energy to you through harvest time. To make this charm, all you need is to find a smooth white stone outside somewhere, then wash it in cold water and light a light-blue candle. Go into a meditation holding the stone, and visualize light-blue energy streaming down into your third eye and through you, into the stone. When you feel the stone is fully energized, chant:

Forged in the earth, smooth white stone,
Filled with power to heal and mend.
Ancient magic to flesh and bone,
Healing force you now lend.

Carry the stone with you.

—-Michael Furie

First Quarter Moon in Libra
Color: White
Incense: Clove

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