Petition Yemaya for Protection

In many Santerian tradition, Saturday is the day of the orisha Yemaya. Her sacred number is seven, thus it is no coincidence that she is honored on the seventh day of the week. Yemaya, queen of the sea, is considered the mother of all orishas and is a mother figure for all her devotees. She is also a protectress of practitioners of the occult.

Take time today as a magickal practitioner to set out a tray of offerings to Mother Yemaya, to honor and thank her, as well as to ask for her continued protection over you and your loved ones. Here colors are blue, white, and crystal clear. Traditional offerings include white and blue candles, white roses, watermelons, plantains, cowrie shells, and seven silver-colored coins.

—-Blake Octavian Blair

First Quarter Moon in Scorpio
Color: Indigo
Incense: Pine

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