Worth One’s Salt

That salt is such a valuable product is shown by the myriad expressions and folklore that surround it. If we “take soemthing with a grain of salt,” we remain skeptical, harkening to the ancient traditions where a small bit of salt was added to medicaments in hopes it would enhance the response. In medieval times, salt was stored in a vessel called a “Salt,” and feast participants were seated “above the salt” or “below the salt,” depending on their status. Likewise, to be “worth one’s salt” was to be worth one’s salary and refers to the times when soldiers or workers were paid with salt or its equivalent.

To us magickal folks, salt is a sacred substance used for protection, psychic protection, grounding, cleansing, and purification. Keep a tiny bowl of salt in your sanctum; use a pinch here and there as needed, and remember to be “worth  your salt.”

—-Susan Pesznecker

First Quarter Moon in Scorpio
Color: Amber
Incense: Almond

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