Sagittarius Moon & Venus in Libra: September 29

The Moon is in fiery, spontaneous Sagittarius all day, aligning with Mars this afternoon. We instinctively desire change and adventure. While excessive haste or rash behavior can leave us vulnerable to difficulties, healthy risk-taking might simply serve to enliven us. We can feel irritable if we don’t have something adventurous, challenging, or physical to do. Taking the initiative is appropriate now. Venus enters Libra today, where it will transit until October 23rd. Venus is very comfortable in Libra. We are more inclined to employ charm rather than direct, assertive, or aggressive behavior in order to get what we want during this cycle. We are very obliging with others – quite willing to negotiate and compromise. We can be especially idealistic about love. We prefer things be done the “right” way, and are turned off by aggressive or uncouth behavior. The shadow side of this position is dependency, inconsistency, and superficiality. In an attempt to avoid unpleasant situations, we could easily gloss over deeper issues at play in our relationships. This is also a time when we are more artistically inclined. We tend to seek balance in our personal environment.

A void of course Moon occurs from 11:30 PM EDT, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (a trine to Jupiter), until the Moon enters Capricorn on Wednesday, October 1st, at 12:42 AM EDT.

—- Cafe Astrology

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