Celtic Tree Month: Ivy

Dates: September 30 – October 27

Art by: Unknown

Elemental Affinity:  Water

Energy Alignment:  Feminine

Most Prominent Birth Totems: Crow & Snake

Gems or Crystals Associated with Ivy: Opal, Peridot, and Sapphire

Other Creature Being Affinity: Lark, Goose, Swallow, and Butterfly

Deities: Arianrhod, Guinevere, Artemis, and Osiris

Commonly Known As: The Dreaming Tree

Ogham Symbol: Gort


Determination    *    Endurance    *    Transformation

Guidance of Dreams    *    Interconnectedness of All Things    *    Compassion

Spiritual Illumination    *    Endearing    *    Sociable    *    Uniqueness


The ancient Druids believed the Ivy to be the feminine counterpart to Holly, and thus, the balance of the feminine and masculine principles could be seen in the combining of these two Standing Ones during the time of the Winter Solstice (or Yule time). Having a wreath constructed of ivy and adorned with the bright red berries of the Holly, was done so that those who visited or dwelled within the home would experience greater peace and harmony.

One of the ways the Druids referred to this evergreen plant was as the “Dreaming Tree,” for they believed that it possessed magickal powers to guide one through the Dreamtime landscape so that one could capture glimpses of the future. Druidic Orders recognized the power of dreams, and believed the time of our nightly voyages to be an alternate reality in which we had the power to shape and mold our waking lives, and it was through the assistance of Ivy’s presence that the Druid was able to navigate those mystical and mysterious lands.

Healing Properties

Working with Ivy is a delicate matter, as they are poisonous and should not be directly ingested. Rather, the ethereal, or energetic essence, is what’s believed to contain the most potent medicine to these wonderfully rich green plants. As such, calling upon Gort energetically for assistance, rather than ingesting any portion of the plant, will yield remarkable results in helping to alleviate headaches and to speed along the healing process for any issues surrounding the face, such as toothaches or sinus problems.

Emotionally speaking, Ivy brings with her a powerfully compassionate and giving nature. Thus, if we desire to add more compassion for ourselves or others into our life, keeping an ivy plant thriving nearby can assist us in this regard, and open us up to be more attuned to those who are in need of our assistance.

Other medicinal benefits can be gained from Ivy’s essence as pertains to muscle cramps, and she is a splendid plant for ushering in good luck. Because of her reputation as a powerful fertility aide, those desiring prosperity (be that in terms of child birthing, business, or overall happiness) would do well to keep at least one of these wonderful plants in the home or office.

Magickal Properties

Because of the well-deserved reputation of this climbing plant to quickly overtake the landscape it’s planted upon, it may be no surprise to learn that one of its strongest magickal properties is that of sheer tenacity and force of will. Ivy teaches us to “hold on” with all of our might during the lean or barren times in our lives, as its ability to stay ever green reminds us that where there is hope, there is life eternal and the opportunity to receive blessings in abundance.

Because of its reputation as a fertility aide, the Ivy has been used across the ages in both fertility and love spells, but it makes just as powerful of a magickal tool for ushering in good luck. Don’t be surprised if you find doors that were previously closed to you, magickally opening when you work closely with, and petition, Ivy to assist you in matters where better luck and/or prosperity are desired and needed.

And finally, if you’re in a quandary regarding an important decision in life, consult with your Ivy plant prior to retiring to bed, as she can help you navigate the mysterious waters of the Dreamtime so that the answers may come more clearly to you during your waking life. Just be certain to keep a dream journal or voice activated recorder nearby to make note of your dreams upon waking, and before the bulk of that information fades as you return more solidly into the physical, waking realm.

But perhaps one of the greatest Medicines that this marvelous Standing One brings, is that of transformation. Through Ivy, we learn that even with the passing away of the old, fresh new beginnings are just around the corner.

Attributes of Those Born During Ivy’s Reign

There is an irresistible quality to those who are born under the time when Ivy governs. These are charming individuals who easily endear themselves to nearly all they meet, not just because they’re sociable (which they typically are), but because they genuinely care about their fellow humans and that generous concern is clearly conveyed.

Because they are so concerned with the welfare of others, they teach the rest of us the interconnectedness and interdependence of humanity. While this is one of their most beloved traits, when carried to the extreme, this compassionate positive regard for their fellow sojourners can deteriorate into a tendency to suffocate their loved ones.

Perhaps one of the most admirable qualities of the ivy individual, is their ability to not only survive harsh times, but to thrive in the face of adversity. The old saying, “when the going gets tough, the tough get going,” could’ve been coined after these souls, as despite their evident gentle nature, they have an inner resolve and resiliency that one would be hard-pressed to find elsewhere.

**©Copyright Diana Willden-Willoughby**


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