Color of the Day: White

Burning a white candle or wearing a white element helps connect us with the purity of spirit we need to enact meaningful intention. It is aligned with elemental spirits, angels, and wisdom. If you are needing a guide, protection or insight, this is a very powerful color to wear or use, especially as it resonates with all things having to do with purification, divination and prophecy, as it is associated with clairvoyance and the receipt of holy messages.

Use it when you are healing your spirit or doing a cleansing of anything: mind, body, aura, spirit or environment. It resonates with truth, so if you are looking for answers in a muddy spot, white is the way to go. Because of these resonances, it makes an ideal color to use in consecration, especially of desks and altars, or even kitchens and sewing machines — anywhere that you look for inspiration.

If negativity is weighing you down, or if you are struggling with pessimism or bitterness, add some white to help lift your thoughts and your heart.

White is especially powerful for curse-breaking work.

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