Today is St. Jerome’s Day, celebrated by the Pueblo people. Saint Jerome was a priest, linguist, hermit, translator, Bible scholar, and hospice administrator.

Today, celebrate the many roles your play. I’m a daughter, sister, partner, mother, librarian, teacher, volunteer, author and friend, to name a few. How about you? Find five small stones, four similar and one distinct. Lay the four stones in four directions, and the other in the middle.

Touch the western stone:

Sturdy earth, great mother guide me,

Touch the north stone:

Air, bless me with inspiration,

Touch the east stone:

Fan the fire of decisive action,

Touch the south stone:

Water, nurture all I do,

Pick up the center stone:

Touchstone, spirit, be with me, and be all of these, in every role.

Carry the touchstone with you.

—-Dallas Jennifer Cobb

First Quarter Moon in Sagittarius
Color: White
Incense: Basil

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