Angels Calling: October, Week One

Oct 1 Quarter Moon at 8º Capricorn 8.32pm BST, 12.32pm PDT.
Oct 2 Sun on Diadem.
Oct 3 Sun on Porrima
Oct 4 Mercury Station Retrograde 6.02am BST, 10.02pm PDT. Sun square Pluto, Mars square Chiron
Oct 5 Mars trine Uranus, Ceres conjunct Saturn.
Oct 6 Grand Fire Trine, Sun on Algorab.
Oct 7 Sun opposite Uranus.

This whole week is blessed with the glorious grand fire trine. Hopefully this will inspire us with wonder at how fantastic the world can be. So for this week switch off the news about the Ebola virus and ISIS in the middle east and try to connect with what these “can do” planets are saying to you. The Fire trine comprises of Mars in Sagittarius, Jupiter in Leo and Uranus in Aries all around 14º of these signs. This aspect is super zesty. Yes I know its also Mercury retrograde too this week, but if you read that post you will also see that the retrograde journey is actually rather brilliant because it will take you on an inspiring voyage to Spica, the very fertile sprig of wheat that Virgo the angel holds.

I prefer to think of Virgo as an Angel, rather than an uninspiring and sterile Virgin. I say that because the true meaning of the word Virgin has lost its magic over time, but Spica the star retains much of what this sign is truly about which is… practical magic and herbalism. But first this week the Sun touches the star Diadem, which is in the tiara found in the constellation of Berenice’s hair. Berenice chopped her flowing locks off to ensure that her husband returned safety from war. Could this be about sacrificing our spiritual purpose in the name of love, or I think this can work the other way where we might have to sacrifice love to become a chaste priestess or priest, at least until some important work is created. This choice will probably be highlighted just around the Quarter Moon on Oct 1 which is conjunct the planet of hard knocks, Pluto. The dark lord could force us to be quite ruthless with what we amputate from our lives. If we make the right choice on what needs pruning, then we can really enjoy the inspiration flowing from the Grand Fire Trine that peaks on Oct 6.


But before we can make use of the spiritual flames we have to contend with the Sun on Porrima on Oct 3. Astrologer Vivian Robson interprets Porrima with the Sun as follows “ Involved in an intrigue, some difficulty of short duration leaving native in unpleasant position.” I think then this day before Mercury goes retrograde, which is quite a wobbly day anyway, could bring up the “intrigue” if this touches your chart. I think it maybe something in the collective that debases the divine feminine, or literally a female spiritual leader could come up because this is also a prophetic star. I think it is interesting that this star is sometimes listed as “An Atonement” or “ The submissive one” and Robson lists it as Caphir which actually means infidel. Eric Morse says; “The Arabic title Caphir (infidel) no doubt springs from the Islamic revulsion of pagan goddesses”. This revulsion of female divinity, and with that the ability to prophesy is s similar to the Diadem theme of subjugating one’s prophetic powers to appease a relationship.

This all doesn’t quite square with the general meaning of the Porrima as being “courteous, refined and lovable character with prophetic instincts.” It’s strange then that this star only becomes a tad negative when combined with the Sun, which we could read as these Angel/Virgo powers becoming dangerous in the hands of the elite, or that they shouldn’t be used for ego or in a left brain fashion..I suggest if you are touched by Diadem/Porrima’s influence this week (That is you have planets or angles in your chart at 9º/10º Libra), that you hold your head high and don’t rise to any inflammable bait. Remember you have the option to glide away gracefully, you don’t need to take on whatever is being thrown into your energy field.


week 1 Merc retroFunny I mentioned ISIS, (The jihadist state, not the goddess!) before I saw the connection with Caphir and Porrima. I just feel with some of the aspects this week there is such a sharp contrast between beautiful possibilities but also really dark shadows of terrorism and ill treatment towards the sacred feminine. I don’t want to go into a political rant, but I suggest you look into the origins of this extreme movement “reports have surfaced of ISIS soldiers slashing women’s stomachs and burying children alive” ~ I myself am suspicious at how ISIS has managed to gain such a grip in the Middle East who is funding it? Events in the world seem to be targeting the sacred feminine, just when it is becoming so powerful.

For me ISIS is a very strong manifestation of Uranus square Pluto aspect which we have had on and off all year. Its not exact right now, but on Oct 4 the same day as Mercury Retrograde we do have Sun square Pluto which brings up power struggles, competition, survival instincts and hidden motivation, but through all of this is the absolute necessity to trust and not allow our soul families be divided. In our personal lives there is a great sexual tension here and there could be jealousy too. The build up to this grand trine will be extremely intense. However on Oct 5 the exact Mars trine Uranus gives us the iron will to push forward revolutionary ideas and to force change. It could bring out a feisty leader, maybe a female, but they will be very unusual in their fighting methods. Oct 6 the Grand Fire trine finally peaks and at the end of the week the Sun opposite Uranus could make us feel extremely wired by all the electricity and euphoria in the collective. Adrenaline is pumping as we feel we are on the crest of a wave. The cardinal signs, especially could experience a quite a surprise on Oct 7 with a sudden reversal of fortune. Have faith!


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