Breaking Chains: October Week 2

Oct 8 Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse at 15º Aries 11.50am BST, 3.50am PDT. Mars trine Jupiter, Venus square Pluto.
Oct 10 Mercury into Libra.
Oct 11 Mars sextile North Node, Venus opposite Uranus, Sun sextile Jupiter.
Oct 12 Sun conjunct North Node.
Oct 14 Venus sextile Jupiter.

Libra Horoscope 2014There is an abundance of electrical vibes in the cosmos right now and they all come to a crescendo with the Lunar eclipse at the start of this week. This Lunar Eclipse effect will last for three months, and mostly effect those with important placements at 15º of the cardinal signs (That is Aries, Libra, Cancer & Capricorn). I’d use an orb of up to 3º. The eclipse is in Aries and will fall on the fixed star Alpheratz in constellation Andromeda. Alpheratz is a very important star of liberation and used to also be part of freedom loving Pegasus which is Andromedas’ high flying neighbour. Freedom seems to be the theme of this eclipse as the Moon is also conjunct the enlightener Uranus. For this Lunar Eclipse then, in order for the collective’s souls to evolve, we must address our own personal shadow sides. But somehow this will feel much less daunting than usual as great courage is available to us if we consciously connect to the brave Mars trine Jupiter aspect in the sky this week. Although I believe this is a thoroughly positive, liberating Lunar Eclipse, cutting through Andromeda’s steel chains could leave us with a few cuts and bruises, but we still won’t care as the cosmic adrenaline rush will numb us to any pain.

This Eclipse is a harvest moon in the pagan calendar. The symbol of the harvesters scythe is quite apt for a moon that will cut through any karmic binds.  I believe that the stress and trauma of Aprils Cardinal Grand Cross will be healed by this glorious Grand Fire Trine. I mean, just look at the way the great blue triangle turns what could have been a really fraught Lunar eclipse into a beautiful, flying Pegasus Kite. Yes there is Venus square Pluto which shows the initial bondage of Andromeda and also highlights possibly being too chained to our obsessions and desires. However I believe the drive to liberty is just too strong for this eclipse to keep us in bondage any longer. Mars trine Jupiter on this day gives us great confidence and energy to rise above any obstacles and create win, win situations for everyone. There is a great enterprising spirit this week and a quite feeling of crusading.


week 2 eclipseOct 11 is another exuberant day when with Sun sextile Jupiter, this gives us the urge to grow and become bigger than just our little physical 3D bodies. We will want to reach a larger audience with our ideas, or with our business and there is a great urge to become international. We are so optimistic and confident we are prepared to speculate and take huge risks even. This weeks energy inspires us to be pioneers and experience different countries and cultures in order to expand our understanding of our fellow man. These aspects are all part of a magical minor grand trine with Mars, and on Oct 13 to cap it all, at the apex of this triangle we have glowing Sun conjunct the North Node. This will allow people to come together to accomplish a common goal, we will naturally elect the right teacher to guide us at this time. Wise mentors show up and no-one need take power by force.

Venus opposite Uranus also on Oct 11 brings in social excitement, eccentric behaviour and some wild, liberated expressions of our feelings, probably as a result of the eclipse loosening us all up. There maybe some artistic expression of rebellion and some imaginative flash mobs. Mars sextile North Node also activates cooperation and group activity. There will be a strong urge to do something constructive as a collective. We certainly wont feel it’s enough to just navel gaze, we really want to bond with others and make some sort of stand. Of course inner work is vital too, but the energy of this week is definitely to walk the walk and not just talk the talk. Diplomatic Venus joins the minor grand trine at the eleventh hour and shines her glorious rays of love over anyone who is still feeling quite wired and she will also help calm the more nervy, sensitive types who might be feeling a bit frazzled from all the excitement.


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