Lunar Eclipse October 2014

Lunar eclipse october 2014The Total Lunar Eclipse on October 8 is at 15º Aries. It will fall on Alpheratz in Andromeda, which is a very important star of liberation. Freedom seems to be the theme of this eclipse as the Moon is also conjunct enlightening Uranus. This Moon reactivates the angles of the cardinal grand cross powerfully and you can see Venus and the Nodes are also within striking distance. Venus here is combust the sun, so love is taboo and hidden here. Maybe lovers have been forced into hiding because they are unacceptable to society or the couples parents. I think this eclipse will allow them to able to come out into the open and they will be liberated by the Alpheratz/Uranian Moon.

Alpheratz is the star in the head of Princess Andromeda who was chained to a rock by her father. She was used as a sacrifice to in order to save her fathers kingdom from Poseidon’s wrath. Is this duty before love, or symbolic of patriarchy’s chaining of the wild and liberating sexuality of the divine feminine Alpheratz is also connected to Pegasus and tends to be associated with swiftness, speed, free spirits and the euphoria of being finally set free. On the whole this is a lucky star, because in the end Andromeda is rescued by love, her hero Perseus. Robson says Alpheratz with the Moon is “Energetic, persevering, honor, wealth, many good friends and business success.” Add the influence of Uranus and you get “Just, honorable, good speaker, domestic harmony if male, but not so fortunate for female, benefit from practical application of ideas, interest in occultism, considerable psychic power if female, favorable for gain.” Reading between the lines this is a liberated “blue stocking” type of woman, great with metaphysics, useless at ironing… Anyway, we get the point that whatever sex we are, we could be liberated from domestic ties in order to pursue our esoteric passions.


Uranus was on Alpheratz for the Cardinal Grand Cross but now it is in retrograde. Uranus might not be as daring as it was in April, but with Mars and Jupiter in the grand trine I think the balance is just perfect. Yet again Aries decan 2 is activated for this eclipse, some key words for it are; “ Jail breakers, simmering queens, efficient bosses, activists, fund raisers, brusque, vulgar, commanding, steamy”. It is a bit like Cardinal Grand Cross take 2 because the Sun will be right where Mars was in April, on our friend the fiendish crow…Algorab! My key words for this raven is “Crafty, magical, iron fist in silken glove, tricksters, opportunists, lovely liars, sharp wits, impeccable taste, natural stylists, sweet hustlers and seers.” I found that Algorab in medieval magic was used to drive away evil spirits. The wings have a dual role, one wing the shadow of the other. The trouble is that one can never tell which is the good wing and which is the bad. We’ve seen a lot of “holy turned evil” events this year. Not so much with the paedophile priests (In their black crow-like vestments), but symbolically in the untouchable, holier than thou BBC TV presenters who did so much great work for “charideee” If you want to know what I mean, please do take a look at this  Smashie & Nicey video. For us Brits, this comedy video is rather too close to the bone. These two DJ’s could easily be Rolf Harris and Cliff Richard (in white).

lunar-eclipse-libraFor this Lunar Eclipse, in order for the collective’s souls to evolve, we must address our own personal shadow sides. In a total Lunar Eclipse, the earth comes between Sun and the Moon, which causes the Moon to become an eerie blood red. The North Node is so close to Algorab the crow, a bird that feeds off the flesh of the dead. So although I believe this is a thoroughly positive, liberating Lunar Eclipse, cutting through Andromeda’s steel chains could leave us with a few cuts and bruises. This Eclipse is a harvest moon in the pagan calendar. The symbol of the harvesters scythe is quite apt for a moon that will cut through karmic binds. This Lunar eclipse has the capability to release those who have been forced to live in secret because their love is taboo.

This eclipse can be liberating for those whose spiritual practice is regarded as bogus by the sceptical, materialist view of the world. Suddenly it’s ok to be weird! I believe that the stress and trauma of Aprils cardinal grand cross will be healed by the glorious grand fire trine. I mean, just look at the way the great blue triangle turns what could have been a really fraught Lunar eclipse into a beautiful, flying Pegasus Kite. Yes there is Venus square Pluto which shows the initial bondage of Andromeda, but I believe the drive to liberty is just too strong for this eclipse to stay in bondage. The combination of planet Uranus and star Alpheratz working together in this powerful aspect pattern will push the (Sometimes lazy!) grand trine to work miracles. See my post on the Grand Fire Trine to see how this could effect you. Trines are healing too of course, so if one has been imprisoned or chained for any length of time, then this eclipse could be just the physiotherapy we need to get ourselves moving forward again.


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