Slinky Sextiles: October Week 3

October Week 3

Oct 15 Last Quarter Moon at 22º Cancer 8.12pm BST, 12,12pm PDT. Venus conjunct North Node, Mercury sextile Lilith, Sun sextile Mars,
Oct 16 Sun conjunct Mercury Rx, Ceres square Lilith.
Oct 17 Mercury sextile Mars, Mercury sextile Venus.
Oct 19
Jupiter sextile North Node, Sun sextile Lilith.
Oct 20 Mars trine Lilith, Venus sextile Mars, Venus sextile Lilith, Mercury sextile Jupiter.
Oct 21 Mercury conjunct Nodes.

Libra Horoscope 2014This is superb week for recovering from all the planetary bombastic-ness of the last two weeks. We are in an eclipse month so we need to be consciously working with the planets to ignite positive change in our lives, but we also need to relax and pamper ourselves too. It’s important to be proactive at these times, but in order to give out we must also be able to allow our bodies to receive. For those of you who give to the point of exhaustion this can be a challenge, but do try hard to allow this. Because this is THE week for receiving and allowing energy to do what it will to your chakra system. Just lie back on the current of life and see where it takes you. There are so many sextiles this week due the triple conjunction of Sun, Mercury and Venus around 22º Libra connecting to Mars trine Lilith. This will be felt as quite a sexual surge for those fire and air signs at 22º. Those who want to get tantric with this should not waste this great opportunity for some healing sex magic. The best day for this would be Oct 20 when Lilith tingles both Mars and Venus and a very slinky Kundalini raising minor grand trine.

week 3You can see from the quarter Moon chart that so many planets are hovering between 22º to 25º. This an extremely potent quarter Moon because of that cluster of aspects while the Sun is still within orb of the very fortunate star Spica too. There is much witch doctor energy afoot due to Mars being on Ras Alhague, the star found in the head ofOphuichus (The snake charmer) and Saturn being on Unukalhai in the throat of the serpent that this snake charmer is holding. Astrologer Vivian Robson says that Mars on Ras Alhague gives “Trouble through writings, public censure in connection with religion, science or philosophy.” But now brace yourself for what he says about Saturn on Unukalhai, well you have to gasp at this one “ Secret insanity, drug taker, secret crime and poisoning often for no reason, shrewd, cunning, intelligent, studious, often physician or nurse, usually unmarried, may commit suicide or be confined in an asylum or prison.” I have a rather different take on the constellation Serpens, of which Unukalhai is the main star. You can read what I say on the Lilith constellation here – Serpens.


Saturn on Unukalhai, makes me think of someone like the serial killer Harold Shipman who was a British doctor and got away with killing over 250 patients. Anyway that’s obviously the most negative manifestation of this placement, but who knows there may be someone out there that does gets flushed out by this powerful quarter Moon. To cap it all the Moon will be closest to Pollux the dark, immortal twin of Gemini too. So yes we do start the week with quite a grim quarter Moon, but things do get much better as the week progresses. I believe that these poisonous stars will be transmuted into good healing medicine by brilliant Spica later in the week. One good aspect within this Quarter Moon is the exact Sun sextile Mars which generates positive action, decisiveness, great initiative and best off all, (bearing in mind the toxic potential of the stars, the ability to handle stressful situations. Also on this quarter Moon day we have Venus conjunct North Node which unites and bonds people together, so its not all bad news.There will be a strengthening of GOOD karmic bonds and the willingness to co-operate for the greater good no matter how tough it gets.

The magic can start to kick in around Oct 16 with Sun cazimi Mercury. I mentioned the importance of how to play this very close conjunction in the intro, so do recap if you don’t know what cazimi means. But basically cazimi allows Mercury to mind-meld with our crown chakra so we can demonstrate mental strength and powerful unity of right and left brain. Mercury is functioning in left brain mode anyhow with the retrograde, while the Sun can help ground the more poetic, dreamy side of the retrograde vibe. There should be a great need to communicate through writing, with spells and prescriptions having extra strength today. Of course with Ceres square Lilith be careful what sacred herbs you take today, because there is the possibility of poisoning. Those fixed signs at 22º with delicate stomachs should avoid alcohol and rich foods at this time because you will get the hangover from hell the next day if your are not careful. If you want to go for some colonic irrigation however, toxins will be easily dislodged and erm flushed out… Oh yes, you will definitely purge!

I would then wait for Oct 17 to party because Mercury sextile Mars ensures lively conversations at social gatherings. There should be great camaraderie and sense of humor all round. On the same day Venus sextile Mars could play cupid and stimulate romance between guests due to heightened cosmic serpent energy stimulated by the stars. The sexual magnetism in the air is certainly palpable on this day. I would perhaps lock the upstairs bedrooms if the teenagers are having a rave… Oct 19 Jupiter sextile North Node could mean wedding bells for some! If this aspect touches you then the people you connect with at this time, will seem to have a soulmate quality and they could effect your life for years to come. Do take advantage of the opportunities and offers that come your way on Oct19 because they will be important for your souls evolution. Wow, this looks like a wonderful week for couples getting together . Because the magical Lilith energy I mentioned at the start peaks on Oct 20 while Mercury Rx sextiles Jupiter at the same time. This his blossoming of the mind make us yearn for exotic shores and be inspired by ancient cultures. If we can’t take this blissful trip in the 3D world we shall certainly do some amazing shamanic journeying within and to the 4D world and beyond… This week we plant the seeds of our most daring desires as we anticipate next weeks transformative solar eclipse in Scorpio.


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