One Love: October Week 4

October Week 4

Oct 23 New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse at 0º Scorpio. 10.56pm BST, 2.56pm PDT. Venus into Scorpio, Sun into Scorpio Decan 1.
Oct 25 Mercury Station Direct, Sun conjunct Venus
Oct 26 Mars into Capricorn.
Oct 27
Venus trine Neptune, Ceres into Sagittarius
Oct 28 Sun trine Neptune.
Oct 30
Mars sextile Neptune, Mercury conjunct North Node.
Oct 31 1st Quarter Moon at 7º Aquarius 2.48am BST. Venus sextile Pluto.

libra4This week starts with the big one. The solar eclipse at 0º Scorpio which will be in effect for the next six months. This will hit you most strongly if you have anything important around 0º of the fixed signs in your birthchart. I’d use an orb of up to 3º. I really like the look of this week because all the aspects are harmonious, plus Mercury goes direct also. So yes, our soul will get bashed by the Solar Eclipse, but we can recover in a jacuzzi of yummy sextiles and trines. But first lets have a look at the eclipse chart. This eclipse will be conjunct Venus the planet of love and falls on Miaplacidius a star in Argos the ship. Eclipses can have the power to “breakdown”areas of our lives which can make us feel quite fearful of them, but if we are aware of where they are likely to hit us, we can attempt to transmute the eclipse into a “break though” I tend to think the solar eclipses have more of a “breakthrough” quality about them, since New Moons do generally herald a new start. Plus you have to understand the quality of the eclipse itself and each one is different, some being more challenging than others.

ONE LOVE (People Get Ready)

So this eclipse, as I said earlier, falls on the the star Miapacidus. found in the keel the ship. The keel holds the whole ship together like a spine and is always built first, so this star can help us build a strong backbone. This Solar Eclipse then calls on us to be sturdy and robust, like the wood in the keel of Argo the ship. Those of us plugging into this eclipse carry a great deal of responsibility to make things right. They have the opportunity to end a cycle of family karma once and for all. It’s not about making the decision that makes the least waves, it’s about looking inside and feeling what is right deep in your gut. So as you steer your ship ignore any “monsters” wailing at you from either side and look straight ahead through the rocks and fix your eyes to the horizon. I suggest you read the Solar Eclipse post to see exactly what I mean by “Monsters” and to explore the meaning of the eclipse in more detail.

On the day of the eclipse both the Sun and Venus move into Scorpio and there will be a shift in energy towards the deep, dark psyche, the hidden and the taboo. We are also moving into the part of the year where the veil between dimensions is thinner and we have Halloween coming up. How lovely that we don’t have any scary aspects for this week then. Mostly the cosmic weather has a fairytale and even angelic quality about it. First I have to mention the exact Sun conjunct Venus. (Cazimi ) on Oct 25 the same day Mercury goes direct. Venus maybe a little shy in her detriment but she still can wield a lot of power behind the scenes. Generally we should be feeling affectionate and friendly towards humanity, have the need to see beauty and feel extremely appreciative of the arts. Life has a glowing rose-tinted aura and everything is pink and fluffy. The world seems like it has Bob Marley’s song “One Love” as its sound track as we all get together and feel alright…as it was in the beginning..


week 4 sol eclipseThe “Easy now” vibe continues as on Oct 27 we get Venus trine Neptune, now we can really get into enjoying a fantasy life. With this influence we can build a beautiful artistic creation. It may just stay in our brain or we can let it spill out onto the canvas. The temptation at the moment though, really is just to dream our desires rather than act on them. That can come later because on Oct 28 the Sun trine Neptune gives another romantic day where we can come together with like minded souls and enjoy music or the arts within a festival setting. At this time I do think it is important to bond together with similar vibration souls for it will feel very life affirming. The loved-up atmosphere caused by such beautiful aspects this week will be healing and energising for those who let themselves open up enough to receive it. Spending time in places of great natural beauty and museums filled with sacred objects will also help tune in to this otherworldly, ethereal vibration.

Oct 30 Mars sextile Neptune brings us out of the floaty zone and inspires us to get physical again. This makes us think about the power our beliefs hold over us and how we can change them. There is a desire to take more risks again, but we can be more sensitive than usual when pushing people forward towards realising goals. We naturally feel more patient with those souls who are still a little slow to wake up. We suddenly realise a gentle nudge towards what makes them feel happy is far more effective than over-zealous political ranting about what they should or shouldn’t be doing. Oct 31 It’s Halloween and aptly on this day Venus sextile Pluto brings some intensity back and also a quarter Moon in Aquarius. Sharing and trusting will be important and will make us feel strong amongst our clan wether they be family members or a spiritual group. You can chuck all the fall-out from the Eclipses on the Samhain fire and start preparing the soil for winters hibernation.


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