Full Moon

The full moons have been given various names by different cultures, and the full moon of February includes such titles as the Quickening Moon, Storm Moon, or Ice Moon. To celebrate this event, decorate your altar with a combination of amethyst and clear quartz crystals, as well as laurel or cedar branches; burn sage or myrrh incense. Corresponding colors for this moon include shades of pale blue, lavender, and violet—and, of course, white or silver. We are on the verge of spring, so now is the time to acknowledge and prepare for the changes to come, even though they are not yet visible. Prepare your sacred space, light candles, and visualize life that is stirring in the soil, in the roots of plants, in the trunks of trees. What has been sleeping is preparing to awake. Imagine the potential you have that has perhaps gone unrecognized—tap into it. Feel the power of the Quickening Moon.

“Moonlight, stir the power within,
as the change will soon begin.
Life that courses through my veins,
Nature, too, knows growth and

—-Ember Grant

Color: Gray
Incense: Geranium

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