Shamrock Power

We’ve just passed Imbolc, also called Brigid for the Celtic goddess (and saint) who rules poetry, fire, and smithcraft. Associated with the goddess is a humble plant called the seamróg, or shamrock. Because this plant grows almost anywhere, the learned horticultural books often call it a weed. But we know better. Consider its rhizome. It looks like an ugly, knobbly nut. It lies underground and sleeps in the darkness. And as soon as there’s a hint of spring (maybe right now!), it pushes up and grows its three leaves.
Among other things, the shamrock is a symbol of abundance. Using green and gold crayons or markers, draw a large shamrock. In each leaf, list what you want or draw symbols of the abundance you want to bring into your life this spring. Keep this on your altar until mid-March, when the nurseries start selling potted shamrocks. Buy some and plant them in your garden, and watch the magic grow.

—-Barbara Ardinger

Color: White
Incense: Marjoram

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