Baking with Unconditional Love

Today is Friday the 13th! While our mainstream culture loves to malign this date, thirteen is a powerful number with good connotations for we magickal folk. Since this day is ruled by the planet Venus and is also the anniversary of the passing of culinary icon Julia Child in 2004, let’s use today to cook up a bit of unconditional love in the kitchen. Find your favorite recipe for cinnamon sugar or lavender cookies (both herbs are associated with love) and bake up a batch of love-infused cookies. As you spoon the dough onto your cookie sheet, say an incantation aligned with your intent such as the following:

“By loving hand, herb and flower,
I infuse their power
into this sweet confection
of my unconditional loving affection.
With noble intention on this 13th day,
I send perfect love to my friends and
Blessed be. So mote it be!”

—-Blake Octavian Blair

Color: Rose
Incense: Thyme

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