Speak Well for Your Cause

As Pagans, we tend to be very open-minded about many topics. We take up the banner for our various causes and charities, and when challenged, we write and call influential people to influence their decisions to favor these causes.

We sometimes can get too unrestrained, too involved, and sometimes we cross the line—not intentionally, but because our causes are passionate topics. We sound inappropriate, which does not help our chosen cause. We get wrapped up in the emotions of the moment; we vent when we should be stating our case.

Work with Hermes, god of communication, to check your emotions and allow you to speak clearly and precisely in your quest to bring your causes to public attention. Outline your thoughts, rehearse your lines, remain calm, and speak well. Keep on topic and present yourself with dignity. You will then make the impact you desire.


Color: Topaz
Incense: Lavender

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