Feng Shui for the Chinese New Year

One of the great gifts the Chinese have given to the world is the science of feng shui (“wind” + “water”). Magical wind + magical water = good fortune. Early spring is a good time to bring good fortune into our homes. The first thing to do is mundane housecleaning. You won’t find good fortune in dirt and clutter, so tidy up.
Light red candles on your altar.(Red is feng shui’s powerful, magical color.) State your intention to bring good fortune into your home. Using a red crayon or marker, make a list of eight items (8 is the power number) that mean good fortune to you, then wave your list eight times above the red candles. Keep the list and the red crayon on your altar, and hang red charms on red ribbons in all your windows. Visualize invigorating breezes and cleansing water sweeping good fortune into your home.

—-Barbara Ardinger

Color: Green
Incense: Jasmine

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