Purple Hearts

Good Dragobete to you! On this Romanian holiday (akin by the barest of threads to Valentine’s Day), the first herbs are gathered, as well as any snow lingering on the ground, all of which are used to make love potions. This is, after all, “the day when the birds are betrothed.”
Perform a Dragobetean spell to welcome love into your life or rekindle romance in a comfortable relationship. Plant a pair of purple flowers in a pot, and name each seed for a person in the relationship. (I like to use morning glories, as they tend to twine around each other.)
Chant as you plant:

“Root, leaf, and vine,
Grow, twist, and twine.
Show me the love betwixt [Name]
and [Name].”

Nurture your flowers and watch them grow. They will reflect the relationship and where work, love, care, or coaxing needs to be done.

—-Natalie Zaman

Color: Scarlet
Incense: Basil

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