Day of Service

It’s People Power Day in the Philippines, a day associated with activism and service. Resolve on this day to step outside of your comfort zone or your usual routine to give service to those around you. Simple options might include litter removal, ivy pulling, or guerrilla gardening—for instance, scattering handfuls of local (normally found in your area) wildflower seeds in vacant lots and parking strips, where they’ll burst into bloom with spring’s arrival.

Want to do more? Contact your local town or city government, school, or other agency, and see what needs to be done. As you work, be aware of your hands—of their strength, the work they can do, and the magick inherent in them. Imagine the collective energy and power of people working together. Embrace your place in the web.

—-Susan Pesznecker

Color: Brown
Incense: Marjoram

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