Blood Binding with Crystals

To bind your deepest personal energy to a location, try gathering a number of quartz crystals.

Purify the crystals by soaking them in saltwater overnight in the light of the moon. Once dried, use a sterile diabetic lancet to draw blood from the middle finger of your left hand, and place a dab of your blood on each crystal. While doing this, breathe your energy (your prana, chi, life force—call it what you will) into the stones, connecting them to your personal vibrations.

Once dried, place each crystal in a location you deem sacred. You may bury one in a special forested area, sink one in your favorite body of water, keep one on a special altar, and so on. At any point in the future, you can visualize pulling energy through the crystals from these locations, linking you to these sacred spots for as long as you intend.

—Raven Digitalis

Color: White
Incense: Lily

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