The Magick of Mail

With the advent of e-mail and text messaging, few people use “classic mail” anymore. But there is magick in letters written and sent across distance—gifts of time and energy, too.
Write a letter to a friend or loved one. Work with beautiful papers and colored inks. Write carefully, choosing your words and spilling thoughts and love onto the paper. For fun, add a pinch of glitter or confetti to the envelope before sealing it. Inscribe a protective rune on the back after sealing, and place your personal sigil (if you have one) on the front where the stamp will be placed. Adding the stamp hides the sigil and confers protection on the letter’s contents. Address it and drop it into the mail, chanting:

“Not rain nor hail nor sleet nor snow
will keep this letter from where it goes.
Guide it through its sacred flight,
arrival in the morning light.”

—-Susan Pesznecker

Color: Topaz
Incense: Lilac

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