Moonstone Blessing

I like to keep a blessed moonstone with my divination tools. Both Grandmother Moon herself and moonstone carry the lunar qualities of intuition and feminine power and guidance. These qualities are important to embody when performing divinations, especially for others.

Today’s full moon is a perfect time to bless objects with the moon’s power. Take a piece of moonstone outside and stand under the glowing moonlight—basking in her energy. Hold the stone in cupped hands, moonlight pouring over it, and say:

“Grandmother Moon, please lend your blessings,
Your firm yet gentle guidance.
Let us feel your nudges through our intuition,
So that not only may we be guided,
But others may also helpfully be led.
Lend us your lunar light so that as
needed it may shine day or night.
Blessed be! So mote it be!”

Store the moonstone and your divination tools together so that their energy and charge may meld.

—- Blake Octavian Blair

Color: Crimson
Incense: Apricot

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