Melt Away Mondayness

So many folks dread Mondays—the beginning of the work week, new challenges, giving up rest. But Monday can be as positive as any other day—it just takes a change in attitude. Melt away Monday’s Mondayness with this simple spell made more potent by the waning moon.

Place an ice cube in a glass. Think about what makes Monday challenging for you. Meditate on the ice cube, and put those feelings into it. Watch it melt down. Like the ice, those feelings of weariness, that Mondayness, is powerless against nature. It has no choice but to give up its form.

When the ice is completely liquefied, pour it down the drain. Or better yet, tip the water out over plants or grass so the earth can purify it further.
Repeat whenever Monday feels a bit too heavy.

—-Natalie Zaman

Color: Lavender
Incense: Rosemary

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