Appeal to Father Mars for Protection

Mars was originally not a war god but an Etruscan agricultural god named Marspiter (piter means “father”) who protected his people and his territory. Our month of March is named for him, and his sacred day is Tuesday. If you or anyone you know is in harm’s way, appeal to this great, benevolent god on a Tuesday in March.
Cast your circle with red candles on your altar. State your intention to ask for protection and then call on the god:

“Great Father Mars, I call on you for
protection. [Explain in your own
words what or who is threatening
you.] Great Mars, as you protected
your people and lands in old Rome,
please come to my aid today.”

When I called on Mars for help a few years ago, he sent two legionaries that only I could see to stand on my doorstep. They took care of things quite nicely.

—-Barbara Ardinger

Color: White
Incense: Geranium

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