Martyrdrom of Hypatia, the Divine Pagan

The life of Hypatia is well documented. The dean of the Neoplatonic School of Alexandria, she was a woman of mathematics, philosophy, and astronomy. Hypatia was educated by her father, and was an important scholar and teacher in her lifetime. Her martyrdom, purportedly at the hands of a Christian mob, is quite possibly a reflection of the rise in Christianity that drove the Pagan culture underground.

Offer up blessings and gratitude today—a Pagan, humanist, and feminist holy day. Light a candle, the color of your choice, and contemplate the gifts of education and enlightenment. Send out all good thoughts and positive energy to those who reside in nations that continue to deny proper education to women. Before you retire for the night, consider the many ways Hypatia has shown herself to you during the day.


Color: Purple
Incense: Nutmeg

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