Las Fallas Celebration Spel

In Valencia, Spain, now begins a week-long celebration, the Fallas Festival, to dispel winter and welcome the warmer season. Fireworks are often used, and there are parades, bullfights, and music. Statues called ninots are created and placed around the city. These are giant figures made of papier-mache, wood, and plaster. They are burned at the end of the week. Images include gods and goddesses, mythical creatures, fruit, and even representations of celebrities. To create your own ninot, construct a piece of art that you can destroy. This can be a drawing, poem, photo, or anything to represent change.

Burn the item in a cauldron or pot on the stove. Or, if you prefer, gather
some fallen leaves and burn them instead. You may chant, if you’d like:

“Welcome warmer weather,
Free from winter’s chill.
Changes come upon us,
Ready, come what will.”

—-Ember Grant

Color: Coral
Incense: Alder

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