Outpouring Spell

Take a pitcher or bowl of water out under the moon first thing this morning, as the moon will have risen in the early hours. Hold the water vessel up to the moon and the sun, allowing both the lunar and solar energies to touch and mix in the water. Say these or similar words:

“Lord of the dance, guide my hands,
lay your blessing upon this water.
Lady of love, let us become, and flow
to the sound of your laughter.”

While chanting, imagine a beautiful garden, your beautiful garden, thriving and bearing fruit, green and lush and healthy and strong. Pour a little of the water on the ground, in libation, then sip a little of the water yourself, in acceptance. Use the rest of it on your houseplants, plant starts, or, if in a southern climate, on your early crops.

—- Thuri Calafia

Color: Black
Incense: Pine

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