Concentrating Psychic Dream Water

At 7:08 am, collect snow or water from a source near your home. Upon the vessel, draw the symbols for sun in Pisces ([l) and moon in Capricorn (@j). Place the bottle on an outdoor altar or in a sacred location, and allow it to absorb the daily emotional energy of the psychic, mystical, and dreamy sign of Pisces, as well as the evening’s grounding emotional energy of driven, determined, and ambitious Capricorn.
Remove the water from its sacred location just before going to bed. Asperge all water altar tools, cups, glasses, bowls, household sinks, fish tanks, bedding, and pillows with your consecrated psychic water to inspire visions pertaining to realistic goals and true glimpses of achievable life ambitions. Be sure to use this water wisely; as you do so, it will become a vehicle for inner sight and direction. Wherever it lands, myths and dreams will be grounded into reality.

—- Estha McNevin

Color: Orange
Incense: Marigold

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