To Improve Memory

Sometimes due to stress or a hectic schedule or whatever, we have a difficult time trying to remember everything we need to do. When we find ourselves becoming increasingly forgetful, it helps to stop and take a moment to regroup and reenergize. It also helps to use a spell.

The scent of rosemary helps the memory. It is an excellent practice to cut a sprig of fresh rosemary or to brew a potion of one tablespoon dried rosemary to 1 ½ cups water, with some added lemon and honey as desired. As you either inhale the fragrance of the fresh herb or sip the brew, repeat the following:

“Reason and memory; bright, clear
The fog is lifted from my mind.
Renewed focus is hereby sought,
Marked improvement I now find.”

Give yourself a few minutes to relax before you continue with your day.

—- Michael Furie

Color: Gray
Incense: Neroli

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