Creating Your Own Runes

For this working, pull the Hanged Man card from your tarot or oracle deck. Regardless of the deck being utilized, the Hanged Man’s symbolism holds true. For many people, this card represents the Norse god Odin, or Woden, being hung upside-down on the Yggdrasil, or Nordic Tree of the Worlds, receiving the wisdom of the Runic alphabet.

Put the card on your central shrine, and ask for the god’s assistance in whatever way feels most comfortable for you. Sit in silence to create your runes. Utilize a diagram of the traditional Elder Futhark to craft runes from the material of your choice. You may wish to create runic “flashcards” for study (with each rune’s meaning on the back), or you may research methods of painting or even wood burning. Craft stores sell small circular pieces of wood, or you may wish to cut sections of wood from a branch. Get creative when making this enchanted set of runes for divination and magical work.

—-Raven Digitalis

Color: Maroon
Incense: Bayberry

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